Why Is The Virgin Mary Important In The Catholic Church?

In all that she does, she exemplifies the work that the Church is supposed to be doing. She submitted to the will of God to give birth to Jesus, and throughout her son’s mission, she was a strong supporter of him and an example of her confidence in him. She was there for him during all of his work on Earth, and she not only supported but but acted in accordance with his teachings.

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What Does Synod Mean In The Catholic Church?

The origin of the term ″synod″ may be traced back to the Greek word synodos, which means ″an assembly.″ In the Catholic Church, synods typically consist of a gathering of bishops. These bishops convene in order to provide assistance to the Holy Father in addressing the requirements of the Church. In the Christian church, a […]

Which Bible Is Catholic?

The Latin Vulgate Bible is the only version of the Bible that a Catholic is expected to correctly utilize. That book is recognized as the canonical version of the Bible by the Catholic Church. That is the one that is utilized in the masses presided over by the Pope. The first new Catholic Bible to […]