What To Do If An Elderly Person Not Responding?

If someone is not moving and does not reply when you call them or gently shake their shoulders, they are considered to be unresponsive, according to the law.

  1. Make sure they are breathing properly by tilting their head back and checking and feeling for breaths.
  2. Tip them over onto their side and tilt their head back slightly.
  3. As soon as you can, dial 999 to report the accident.

What causes an elderly person to become unresponsive?

Low blood sugar levels are one of the most common reasons of brief unconsciousness. blood pressure that is too low Syncope, often known as loss of consciousness owing to a lack of blood flow to the brain, is a medical condition.

What does it mean when someone becomes unresponsive?

When a person is referred to be ″unresponsive″ in medical terms, it signifies that they are at the very least unconscious, and perhaps dead or dying.

When a person is unresponsive but breathing?

Following confirmation that the patient is unconscious but breathing, you must attempt to keep the sufferer secure until emergency personnel arrive. In this case, it is preferable to position the individual on their side with their head tilted backward. This aids in maintaining the airway’s openness. The recovery posture is the position in which the body is able to recuperate.

How do you deal with an unconscious person?


  1. Check the person’s airway, breathing, and circulation to make sure they are healthy.
  2. If you do not believe that a spinal injury has occurred, place the patient in the recovery position: Place the person laying face up in a comfortable position. Turn the person’s face in your direction.
  3. Maintain the person’s warmth until emergency medical assistance comes.
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What are the first signs of your body shutting down?

  1. Cheyne-Stokes breathing, which is characterized by irregular breathing and a prolonged gap between breaths, is one of the signs that the body is actively shutting down.
  2. Breathing that is too noisy
  3. Eyes that are glassy
  4. Extremely cold extremities
  5. Knees, foot, and hands with purple, gray, or pale skin
  6. Blotchy skin on knees, feet, and hands
  7. Pulse is weak.
  8. Changes in awareness, abrupt outbursts, and unresponsiveness are all possible symptoms.

Is Unresponsive the same as a coma?

It is impossible to awaken someone who is in an unconscious state of awareness, known as a coma. It can occur as a result of a brain damage, such as a severe head injury or a stroke, among other things.

Can someone recover from being unresponsive?

It is possible for people who are uninformed and unresponsive to move into a minimally conscious state. Some people will gradually regain awareness as time goes by. Some people will go on to lose their ability to think. There is no way to correctly forecast who will be able to recover from their injuries.

What is the difference between unresponsive and unconscious?

If a person is not breathing, it may be required to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Unconsciousness is a condition of being that is not responsive. A person who is unconscious may appear to be sleeping, but they will not respond to stimuli such as loud noises, being touched, or being disturbed while they are actually awake.

Can an unresponsive patient hear?

Patients’ memories of their unconscious condition, according to research, suggest that they were aware of and comprehended talks. It was discovered by Lawrence (1995) that patients who were unconscious could hear and respond emotionally to spoken conversation.

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What care should you provide a patient who is adequately breathing but unresponsive?

If an adult becomes unconscious and ceases to breathe, you will need to perform CPR on them (which is short for cardiopulmonary resuscitation). In order to preserve a person’s life, CPR entails administering a mix of chest compressions and rescue breaths in an attempt to keep their heart and circulation functioning.

How long can you be unconscious for?

After experiencing a brief loss of consciousness and suffering a concussion, 75 to 90% of people will be fully recovered within a few months. However, serious injury to the brain can result in unconsciousness that lasts for days, weeks, or even longer periods of time.

What does awake but unresponsive mean?

During a vegetative state (also known as unresponsive wakefulness syndrome), a person is awake but does not appear to be aware of their surroundings. In contrast to a coma, in which the patient is fully unconscious, this is a state of consciousness.

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