What Can Cause Low Blood Pressure With High Heart Rate In Elderly?

Diabetes can result in low diastolic pressure but high systolic pressure, according to the American Heart Association. Furthermore, diseases such as bradycardia (a very low heart rate) might prevent the heart from pumping enough blood to keep the blood pressure at a safe level. In addition, medications are a significant cause of low blood pressure in the senior population.

  1. Low blood pressure with a fast heart rate might result in the following symptoms: dizziness, lightheadedness, and weakness, among others. Pregnancy and other underlying medical issues
  2. Deficiency in nutrients
  3. Heart issues
  4. Hypothyroidism and Addison’s disease are two examples of endocrine disorders.
  5. Consumption of alcoholic beverages
  6. Severe infection
  7. Reactions to allergens
  8. Dehydration

What causes a slow heart rate in the elderly?

Increasing age causes a general weakening of the heart, which might result in a reduced heart rate. Heart attack-related complications, poor thyroid production, high blood pressure, heart infections, and inflammatory illnesses are among the other causes of dementia that are frequently connected with the elderly.

What are the risk factors for low blood pressure and heart rate?

Low blood pressure and a rapid heart rate can strike at any moment and for any reason. But there are certain risks linked with this issue, which are listed below. Age – People over the age of 60 are more prone than younger people to have low blood pressure and a rapid heart rate.

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