What Can Cause Abnormally Foul Smelling Feces In Elderly Adult?

The cause of even the most foul-smelling feces may be traced to dietary modifications. The presence of exceptionally foul-smelling feces, on the other hand, may indicate the presence of a disease, problem, or condition. Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, cystic fibrosis, and intestinal infections are examples of such conditions.

  1. This page discusses eight possible reasons of foul-smelling feces, as well as information on diagnosis, therapy, and when it is necessary to contact a physician. Antibiotics and the spread of infection.
  2. Lactose intolerance is a condition in which a person cannot digest lactose.
  3. Allergy to milk.
  4. Celiac disease is a digestive disorder that affects the small intestine.
  5. The condition known as short bowel syndrome.
  6. Ulcerative colitis is a condition in which the colon becomes inflamed and swells.
  7. Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel illness.
  8. Chronic pancreatitis is a condition that occurs over time.

Why does my feces smell bad?

Normally, the smell of feces is not pleasant to smell. Smelly stools contain an especially intense, rotten odor that is difficult to ignore. In many situations, foul-smelling feces are caused by the foods that individuals consume as well as the bacteria that exists in their colon.

What are the symptoms of foul smelling stools?

When you have foul-smelling feces, you may experience diarrhea, bloating, or gas. These feces are frequently mushy or runny in consistency. What is the source of foul-smelling stool?

What causes foul-smelling stool?

The following are some other factors to consider: Foul-smelling feces can also be caused by malabsorption, which is frequent.When your body is unable to absorb the necessary quantity of nutrients from the food you consume, you are said to be suffering from malabsorption.This often occurs when your intestines are infected or infected with a condition that inhibits them from absorbing nutrients from your diet.

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What causes smelly flatulence and greasy yellow stool?

Giardiasis is another condition that is associated with stinky farts. Giardia lamblia is a parasitic disease caused by a parasite known as Giardia lamblia, which is generally found in feces, contaminated food, and polluted water sources. Excessive foul-smelling flatulence and oily brownish feces are common symptoms of the condition.

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