Why Might An Elderly Victim Choose Not To Report Maltreatment?

Why does elder abuse go unreported so often?Some victims do not report abuse because they are afraid of retaliation, they believe they will be institutionalized, they are embarrassed that a family member is mistreating them, they believe that the police and social services will be unable to effectively assist them, or they believe that the police and social services will be unable to effectively assist them.

Why do some victims of elder abuse not report?

Among the reasons why some victims do not disclose abuse are that they are fully under the control of the abuser and that they rely on the abuser for their food, shelter, clothes, and medical attention. There are a variety of different reasons why persons who give aid or services to clients in their own homes may fail to report elder abuse to the appropriate authorities.

How to search for risk factors in elder mistreatment?

The search for risk factors is therefore both complicated and difficult, since it is required to seek for sources of risk in the host (the old person), in the agent (the offender), and in the environment (the surrounding environment).It must also investigate the interaction of elements in these three categories in terms of their impact on the likelihood of elder maltreatment.Existing studies have several limitations.

How many cases of elder abuse come to the attention of authorities?

How many incidents of elder abuse are likely to be brought to the notice of authorities out of a total of 14 cases? According to one survey, just one in every fourteen occurrences of elder abuse is brought to the attention of the authorities. In a self-reported study, how many people experienced financial abuse out of a total of 1000 respondents?

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Is elder mistreatment a risk factor for intimate partner abuse?

As a result, despite the fact that much research has been undertaken on risk factors for child abuse and intimate partner abuse, the risk factor literature on elder mistreatment is both inadequate and inconsistent. For a variety of reasons, it is critical to rectify the current situation.

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