Which Sentence Makes A Claim For An Argument About Why Cats Make Good Pets For Elderly People?

Which of the following sentences makes a claim in support of an argument on why cats make suitable pets for senior citizens? Cats would be excellent companions for older persons due to their low maintenance requirements.

Are cats a good pet for elderly people?

Cats would be excellent companions for older persons due to their low maintenance requirements. No, cats do not require constant attention or interaction. They do not require daily walks or playtime.

Why are cats so self sufficient?

Another wonderful illustration of why cats are self sufficient is that they are clean creatures who bathe themselves on a regular basis, as seen above. A deodorizer is also present in the saliva of cats, and this deodorizer ensures that their hair always smells fresh and pleasant.

Do you think cats make the perfect pet?

It has been at least 30 years since I have had a cat as a pet. They are lovely, and I have no doubt that I will always have one in my life as a companion. Cats, in my opinion, are the ideal pet since they are self-sufficient, clever, and excellent companion animals. The first reason, in my opinion, why cats make excellent pets is that they are self-sufficient creatures.

Does having a pet make you more sociable?

Professors from the School of Population Health at the University of Western Australia shown via their research that keeping a pet may be a genuine ice-breaker when it comes to forming social ties. Whether you’re feeling lonely or are eager to meet new people, owning a pet might turn out to be a true magic wand.

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Which sentence makes a claim for an argument about why students should be required to wear school uniforms?

When writing an argument on why kids should be obliged to wear uniforms to school, which statement establishes a claim for your case. a. School uniforms would ensure that all children are treated on an equal footing.

Which sentence makes a claim for an argument about why students should be allowed to use cell phones in school?

Q. Which of the following sentences makes a claim in support of an argument for why students should be permitted to use cell phones in class? In school, cell phones can be utilized in an emergency to communicate with others. Cell phones can play an important part in the educational process in schools.

Which sentence is written using formal language?

The formal language is used to write the option ″a,″ which is the best choice. Erin has an important appointment scheduled for the morning of Monday. It is critical to understand that formal language is something that is fully dependent on the choice of words and also on the tone used. It does not make use of contractions at all. It includes the words won’t, didn’t, and others.

Which describes the most effective way for him to organize the reasons and evidence clearly?

Which of the following best defines the MOST EFFECTIVE method for him to organize the reasoning and evidence? Restate his claim, offer concluding comments, and rephrase his assertion as necessary. After he has stated his point, he should provide at least three explicit and thorough instances.

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What sentence makes a claim?

In your paragraph or essay, your ″claim″ (also known as a ″thesis statement″ or ″argue″) should be the first line you write. It should express the core concept of your paragraph or essay.

Which sentence is an example of informal language ?( 1 point?

They are frequently employed in informal language to facilitate better flow and quicker communication. As an illustration: She has chosen to take the position offered to her. She has made the decision to accept the employment offer.

What is the meaning of informal language?

Informal language is more relaxed and spontaneous than formal language. Communication with friends or relatives can take place either through written communication or through discussion. Writing personal emails, text messages, and certain business contact are all examples of how to utilize it. Informal language has a more personal tone than formal language, and vice versa.

Where does a writer restate the claim and summarize reasons in an argumentative essay?

5) Concluding Remarks (One paragraph) Restate your assertion and provide a synopsis of your reasons.

How many reasons should you have when writing an argumentative essay and where should you list the three reasons?

  1. Make your case even stronger by expressing and then refuting competing points of view in your paper.
  2. Typically, you will have three or more arguments in support of your stance, which the reader should accept.
  3. These will be the sentences that will serve as your topic sentences.
  4. Each of these arguments should be supported by reasoning, examples, statistics, authoritative sources, or anecdotes.
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What should be included in the introductory paragraph of an argumentative essay?

Students should establish the background for their argument essay in the opening paragraph by providing a basic overview of the subject matter. Following that, the author should explain why the topic is significant (exigence) or why readers should be interested in the situation at hand. Finally, students are expected to deliver their thesis statement.

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