What Percentage Of Total Body Weight Is Water In Adults, Elderly, And Infants?

The average human adult male is roughly 70-73 percent water by weight, while the average human adult female is approximately 68-70 percent water by weight. It is possible to have a significant difference in body water percentage depending on a variety of parameters such as age, health, water consumption, weight, and gender.

What is the average percentage of water in the body?

Despite the fact that the exact typical percentages of water in the human body vary by gender, age, and weight, one thing remains constant: water accounts for more than half of your body weight from the moment you are conceived. The average proportion of your body weight that is made up of water will remain over 50% for the most of your life, however it will gradually decrease with time.

Why does the water percentage of the body decrease with age?

The decrease in water percentage over time is mostly due to the accumulation of body fat and the loss of fat-free mass as you get older. Due to the fact that fatty tissue contains less water than lean tissue, your weight and body composition have an impact on the amount of water in your system.

How much of the body’s water is in the intracellular fluid?

The intracellular fluid contains the majority of the body’s water (around two-thirds of the total amount of water in the body). The remaining third is found in the extracellular fluid (which contains one-third of the water). Depending on the organ, the amount of water required varies.

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