Elderly People Who Are Physically Infirm, Very Ill, Or Cognitively Impaired Are Referred To As?

Hoarding is a compulsive behavior. The frail old are elderly persons who are physically infirm, extremely sick, or mentally handicapped. They are also referred to as the .

Which of the following is one of the Iadls?

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, often known as IADLs, are increasingly complicated sets of abilities that humans require in order to live freely. These abilities include: using the telephone, shopping, cooking meals, housekeeping, utilizing public transit, taking medication(s), and managing financial resources, among others.

What is a common condition because many elderly people take many different prescription drugs?

Polypharmacy is common, and it has the potential to be dangerous. Polypharmacy is a result of a complicated medical system, in which elderly individuals with several chronic diseases take several different prescriptions in varying quantities, recommended by a variety of different physicians and maybe filled at a number of different pharmacies.

Which of the following is true regarding the theory of selective optimization with compensation?

In the case of selective optimization using compensation theory, which of the following is true? In it, it is stated that elderly persons may continue to live fulfilling lives, however in a more constrained manner than before.

What is selective optimization with compensation quizlet?

″Selective optimization with compensation,″ as defined by Paul and Margaret Baltes, is the theory that people attempt to maintain a sense of balance in their lives by attempting to find the most effective way to compensate for physical and cognitive losses while also becoming more proficient in activities that they are already proficient at doing.

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What is the study of aging called?

As a scientific field, gerontology is concerned with the physical elements of aging as well as the psychological, social, and cultural ramifications of aging. By 2050, almost one in every five Americans will be above the age of 65.

Which of the following is a feature of Elderspeak?

Elderspeak has four characteristics that have not yet been addressed in intervention studies: a limited vocabulary, diminished grammatical complexity, a sluggish speaking pace, and a tendency to repeat words.

What cognitive changes occur in late adulthood?

Older persons preserve semantic memory, which is the capacity to recall words from memory. When it comes to storing and retrieving knowledge, younger individuals depend more on mental rehearsal tactics. When it comes to recalling information, older folks rely more on external signals such as familiarity and context than younger adults (Berk, 2007).

Why do elderly take so many medications?

As a result of having many chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or arthritis, older adults are more prone than younger people to take more prescription medications. The majority of medications used by older adults to treat chronic diseases are used for years at a time.

Why are older adults more at risk of polypharmacy?

Polypharmacy was shown to be more prevalent in those with less education, who were retired or widowed, and who were older. After correcting for age, lower levels of education and early retirement remained related with a higher frequency of polypharmacy in the general population.

Who is most likely to feel burdened elder care?

  1. Gender Roles and Responsibilities in Caregiving Even though guys are more involved in caregiving chores, females continue to bear the majority of the burden of providing care.
  2. The likelihood of caring for a spouse or partner increases by approximately fourfold when carers work longer hours (21 hours or more per week).
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Which of the following theories challenges the stereotype that older adults are in despair?

The existence of which idea calls into question the concept that older persons are in despair as a result of their social isolation? knowledge-related. In accordance with the socioemotional selectivity hypothesis, people are driven by two sorts of goals: emotional ones and those associated with activity.

Which of the following options is a reason that older adults limit their social networks to a few family members and friends quizlet?

Which of the following is a contributing factor to older individuals’ decision to limit their social networks to a small number of family members and friends? They are apprehensive about taking chances with friendships.

What is selective optimization?

  1. Selective Optimization is a type of optimization in which a set of criteria is used to determine which options are considered.
  2. With Compensation is a method for enhancing health and well-being in older individuals, as well as a paradigm for healthy aging, according to the World Health Organization.
  3. In order to compensate for declines and losses, it is advised that seniors pick and enhance their finest talents as well as their most intact functions.

What is an example of selective optimization with compensation?

Hearing loss in later adulthood, for example, might be compensated for by seeking medical care and receiving a hearing aid. After becoming familiar with the SOC Model of Aging, it is possible to put the model into action in the context of an aging plan.

What is selection optimization and compensation?

In order to promote effective development and aging, it is believed that selection, optimization, and compensation will aid in the maximizing of benefits and minimizing of losses associated with aging.

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