Elderly cat weak back legs

  • Back leg stiffness is common in older cats, but it can affect younger cats and kittens. Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of back leg stiffness in cats that are aged 10+. Cats can also develop weak and wobbly legs due to injury/trauma or falling from a height.

Being hit by a car, falling from a height, or being accidentally struck or stepped upon can cause a senior cat’s back legs to suddenly become weak, says Dr. Jules Benson, BVSc, and VP of Veterinary Services at Petplan pet insurance.

Why is my old cat wobbly?

Ataxia may be a sign of something harmless, or of a life-threatening disease. When a cat experiences a period of limited or no muscle coordination, the condition is referred to as “ataxia”. Ataxia is the most common neurological issue found in cats.

How do I know if my elderly cat is suffering?

Often, the easiest way to tell if your older cat is suffering from ill health that isn’t directly related to her age is by her physical appearance. These may not be obvious at first, but eventually you may notice changes such as: Skin problems such as rashes, swelling, sores and dry skin.

Can a cat recover from hind leg paralysis?

Recovery of Leg Paralysis in Cats Prognosis and recovery will depend on the cause and extent of nervous system impairment that resulted in the paralysis . Massage and physiotherapy can be beneficial on a continuing basis.

What are the symptoms of a cat dying of kidney failure?

In later stages, however, affected cats start to suffer from loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and weight loss. They can deteriorate rapidly, often sending their owners to the veterinarian in a panic with little hope that their pets can be saved.

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Why is my cat wobbly on his back legs?

Why Cats Fall Over A feline that falls over, moves with a stiff-legged gait, wobbles as he walks, or bobs his head repeatedly may be suffering from a condition akin to cerebral palsy in humans. Cerebellar hypoplasia is a disease of the cerebellum, the brain part that controls movement and coordination.

How do you know if a cat is suffering?

Behaviour signs of a cat in pain Reduced appetite. Lethargy. Decreased interest in positive things like playing, social interaction and exploring outside. Being withdrawn and hiding away. Appearing lame and experiencing increased sensitivity to touch in specific areas of their body. Reduction in movement and activity.

Is it OK to let my cat die naturally?

No. I have a lot of friends and family who think it’s okay to let their pet die at home versus having to bring them to a veterinarian for humane euthanasia. You may think you’re sparing your pet the “stress of a veterinary visit,” but in fact, your intentions (while well intended) are, to put it bluntly, wrong.

Do cats know when they are dying?

Because cats rely primarily on body language to communicate to one another, they must be attuned to biological and behavioral changes in the other animals around them. This includes detecting weakness or changes in body temperature and odor. They are also intuitive in that they often know when they are about to die .

Why does my cat walk like he’s drunk?

It’s likely your cat is experiencing an issue with her vestibular system. The feline vestibular system is essentially the balance center of her brain. When something is amiss in this complex web of nerves and synapses, she’s likely to become dizzy, disoriented, and have trouble with muscle coordination.

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How long can a cat live with saddle thrombus?

A relatively long hospital stay of 1-2 weeks or more is usually the case. The prognosis for saddle thrombus is guarded. Many owners elect euthanasia due to the painfulness of this condition. Cats that make it through the initial recovery may go on to have residual hind end weakness/paresis or other residual effects.

Can cats live with neurological problems?

Some kittens that are born infected with the feline distemper virus will immediately show a severe lack of coordination. There is no cure for it, but cats with this neurologic problem can live a long life. Another congenital disorder , says Dr.

What are the symptoms of a cat dying of liver failure?

These symptoms include: Sudden weight loss. Loss of appetite. Jaundice (yellowing of the mucous membranes, eyes, and inner ears)

Are cats in pain when they have kidney failure?

Is kidney failure in cats painful ? Unfortunately, cats cannot communicate if they are in pain , nor do they tend to display signs of pain , even when pain experience is likely.

Do cats twitch before they die?

Your cat will be asleep in a very short time and their breathing and heartbeat will stop a few seconds later. As your cat loses consciousness, they may take a deep breath, or gasp and occasionally there may be a brief involuntary twitching or spasm of muscles after death has occurred.

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