According To Conflict Theorists, Which Of The Following Is True Regarding The Elderly?

Which of the following statements about the elderly is correct, according to conflict theorists? 2. They are a minority group in a culture that is geared toward young. All communities have males who are more forceful than females. What factors contribute to women continuing to work in low-wage jobs?

What is the conflict theory quizlet?

Conflict theories are sociological viewpoints that highlight the social, political, or material inequalities experienced by a social group, that attack the larger socio-political system, or that otherwise differ from structural functionalism and ideological conservatism in some way.

What does the conflict theory focus on quizlet?

The Conflict Perspective is concerned with maintaining stability and reaching consensus. It was Karl Marx’s lifelong dream to witness the proletariat topple the bourgeoisie. Conflict is a constant and unavoidable component of social life and must be dealt with. Conflict theorists are more likely to use a macro-level approach to social science.

Which group constitutes the majority of the elderly in the United States quizlet?

Older white Americans, who accounted for 90 percent of the elderly population in the United States. In this country, there are 70 million persons above the age of 65. In 1996, the figure was more than twice as high. You’ve just finished studying 44 terms!

Which of the following does not accurately explain the observation that in the United States 70 is the new 60 whereas in Russia 50 is the new 60?

Which of the following does not provide a true explanation for the observation that in the United States, 70 is the new 60, whilst in Russia, 50 is the new 60 is incorrect? Various cultural variations have an impact on how people view the true significance of numbers.

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Who made conflict theory?

Conflict theory is credited to Karl Marx, a 19th-century political philosopher who was instrumental in the creation of communism as a school of thought in the field of economics.

What is the first conflict theory in sociology quizlet?

1 reassessment Conflict theory is a branch of political science that studies how people interact with one another. Considers society to be a battleground for inequalities. Inequalities based on class, ethnicity, and gender are the primary focus of this book. The work of Karl Marx serves as an influence for this project.

Who is the founder of conflict theory quizlet?

Conflict theory was founded by Karl Marx (1967/1867), the originator of which posited that societies evolve and that social development has a direction. Essentially, conflict theory is predicated on the assumption that social groupings will have competing interests and that conflict is an inherent feature of every social structure.

Which of the following are emphasized by conflict theorists quizlet?

Warfare theory emphasizes the importance of social inequality as the fundamental characteristic of society, structural functionalism considers society as an integrated whole that requires separate structures to function properly, and Weberian theory investigated the process of rationalization and bureaucratic structures.

What is conflict perspective in sociology quizlet?

The following terms are included in this set (12): conflict viewpoint. takes the position that conflict between groups for power or resource distribution is the most effective way to understand social behavior The main words are a position of power, command, dominance, or authority

Which group makes up the largest group of older adults quizlet?

When the sex ratios of any old age group are evaluated, it is clear that women prevail. Persons 85 years of age and older constitute the largest segment of the elderly population.

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What is the elderly age group?

People above the age of 65 are considered to be part of the elderly population.

What racial group is most common among the US population aged 65 and over quizlet?

In 2000, whites accounted for 84 percent of the population aged 65 and over, according to the census. People of color (including African Americans, American Indians, Asian/Pacific Islanders, and Latino groups) are anticipated to account for 36 percent of this population by the year 2050, with African Americans accounting for the largest share.

Which of the following is true of nonmaterial culture?

Regarding nonmaterial culture, which of the following statements is correct? It refers to many methods of interacting with physical items. Customs and government agencies are included. – Both of the responses are correct.

Which of the following do life course theorists argue?

The terms in this collection (33) According to life path theorists, which of the following is true? Through all stages of a person’s life cycle, they continue to socialize with others. Which of the following statements about oneself is correct?

Which assertion about aging in men would be made by a sociologist following the functionalist perspective?

Which of the following statements regarding aging in males would be made by a sociologist who adheres to the functionalist viewpoint? Male baldness is viewed as a sign of a decline in masculine vigor.

Which of the following would be true if birth rates in some poor nations was lowered?

Demography is the study of the population and how it evolves through time, according to Wikipedia. Which of the following would be true if the birth rate in some poor countries were to be decreased? If we could stop the population boom, we would be able to put an end to hunger across the world. When it comes to a way of life, what does urbanization place a strong emphasis on?

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Which of the following best describes how peers influence the gender socialization of high school students?

Q. Which of the following best characterizes how high school students’ gender socialization is influenced by their peers? Most of the time, they encourage one another to engage in unconventional activity. It is customary for them to urge one another to adhere to established gender roles.

Which of the following best describes the symbolic Interactionists view of gender?

When it comes to gender, which of the following best defines the symbolic interactionist perspective? Children learn about their gender identity through their interactions with the people in their lives, such as their parents, teachers, and classmates.

What happens in societies as they become more complex quizlet?

What happens to society when they get more complex? What happens to individuals? Men and women are becoming increasingly distinct.

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