What Is Catholic Guilt Syndrome?

The Syndrome of Catholic Guilt Another word that you could come across is this one. CGS is a frequent abbreviation for this term. You may argue that someone suffers from this condition if they are always plagued with Catholic guilt to the point that it interferes with their mental health and the way they go about their everyday lives.

Is ‘Catholic guilt’ a disorder?

When carried to its logical conclusion, ″Catholic guilt,″ sometimes referred to as scrupulosity, can develop into an obsessive-compulsive illness. A person who is scrupulous may become obsessed with the idea that they have done something to grieve God.

What is the difference between guilt and scrupulosity?

The feeling of guilt is a natural consequence of having a well-developed conscience; nonetheless, ″Catholic″ guilt is sometimes mistaken with scrupulosity. A reasonable sense of guilt can often be magnified into an excessively fastidious conscience. In no Catholic doctrine is guilt seen as a good thing in and of itself; rather, remorse is seen as something helpful.

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