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What was St Bernard of Clairvaux known for?

The French churchman St . Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153) was a Cistercian monk and founder and abbot of the monastery of Clairvaux . A theologian and Doctor of the Church, he dominated Europe through his eloquence and his counselling of popes and rulers.

Is there a saint named Bernard?

Bernard of Clairvaux (Latin: Bernardus Claraevallensis; 1090 – 20 August 1153), venerated as Saint Bernard , was a Burgundian abbot, and a major leader in the revitalization of Benedictine monasticism through the nascent Order of Cistercians.

What is Saint Bernard the patron saint of?

Pope Pius XI confirmed Bernard as the patron saint of the Alps in 1923. His image appears in the flag of some detachments of the Tyrolean Alpine Guard. He is also the patron saint of skiing, snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, mountaineering.

Where did St Bernard of Clairvaux live?


Do Saint Bernards drool a lot?

If you consider yourself a neat freak, then the Saint Bernard is not the breed for you. They drool and their paws track in their fair share of mud. They are heavy shedders and shed, or blow, their coat twice a year. Saint Bernards generally take longer to mature mentally.

Do St Bernards shed?

The adult Saint Bernard sheds twice a year, in spring and fall. Regular brushing will help to minimize such shedding. As is the case with other very large breeds, Saint Bernards live relatively short lives. Life expectancy is generally 8 to 10 years.

How much do St Bernards weigh?

64 – 120 kg

What does Clairvaux mean?

a village of France, on the Aube, where St. Bernard founded a Cistercian monastery in 1115, and where he lived and was buried; now used as a prison or reformatory.

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How did Saint Bernards get their name?

The name ” St . Bernard ” originates from the Great St Bernard Hospice, a traveler’s hospice on the often treacherous Great St Bernard Pass in the Western Alps, between Switzerland and Italy. The pass, the lodge, and the dogs are named for Bernard of Menthon, the 11th century Italian monk who established the station.

How many saints are there?

10,000 saints

What is Saint Benedict best known for?

St . Benedict was a religious reformer who lived in Italy in the late 400s and early 500s. He is known as the “father of Western monasticism,” having established a Rule that would become the norm for innumerable Christian monks and nuns. He is the patron saint of Europe.

When was Saint Bernard born?


When did Saint Bernard die?

August 20, 1153

Why did Bernard of Clairvaux write the apologia?

Bernard of Clairvaux ‘s Apologia ad Guillelmum was written in 1125 at the ostensible request of his friend and fellow monastic reformer, William of Saint-Thierry, and is the key document in the early twelfth century controversy over art, the greatest controversy over art to occur in the West previous to the Reformation.

How big is a St Bernard?

64 – 120 kg

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