List the roman catholic hierarchy indicating geographic region and leader who heads it

In what 2 ways do religious structures stand out?

1.In what two ways do religious structures often stand out in a landscape? They are either the tallest and/or the most elaborate. 2 . For what two reasons does a church, the physical structure , play a more critical role than in other religions ? – Expression of religious principles – Created in the image of God 3.

What is the religious purpose of a Buddhist pagoda?

This purpose was popularized due to the efforts of Buddhist missionaries, pilgrims, rulers, and ordinary devotees to seek out, distribute, and extol Buddhist relics. These buildings ( pagoda , stupa) became prominent as Buddhist monuments used for enshrining sacred relics.

What is hierarchical religion?

Term. Hierarchical religion . Definition. Def: A religion in which a central authority exercises a high degree of control.

Why do religions organize space in distinctive patterns?

Why do religions organize space in distinctive patterns ? – Religious structures, such as churches and mosques, are prominent features of the landscape. -Some religions encourage pilgrimages to holy places. -Ethnic religions are more closely tied to their local physical environment than are universalizing religions .

How are Hindu temples different from churches and mosques?

How are Hindu temples different than both churches and mosques ? They’re used for housing shrines in honor of particular gods rather than congregational worship.

Which type of structure was designed for religious purposes?

Sacral architecture

What is the meaning of a pagoda?

: a tower in eastern Asia usually with roofs curving upward at the division of each of several stories and erected as a temple or memorial.

What does a pagoda symbolize?

The pagoda structure derives from that of the stupa, a hemispherical, domed, commemorative monument first constructed in ancient India. Initially, these structures symbolized sacred mountains, and they were used to house relics or remains of saints and kings.

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How many levels does a pagoda have?

five levels

What is an example of a hierarchical religion?

EX:Roman Catholicism provides a good example of a hierarchical religion . individuals who help transmit a universalizing religion through relocation diffusion. EX: Christianity is an example of a religion that believes in monotheism.

Is there a hierarchy in Christianity?

The hierarchy of the Catholic Church consists of its bishops, priests, and deacons. In the ecclesiological sense of the term, ” hierarchy ” strictly means the “holy ordering” of the Church, the Body of Christ, so to respect the diversity of gifts and ministries necessary for genuine unity (1 Cor 12).

Is Buddhism a hierarchical religion?

Buddhism is one of the most widespread religions in the world which was initiated by Siddhartha Gautama. The Buddhist social hierarchy is centred on the ‘Sanghas’ or ‘order of disciplines’.

Why do conflicts arise among religious groups?

Why do territorial conflicts arise among religious groups ? – Religious groups have opposed government policies, especially those of Communist governments. – Religious principles seen as representing Western social values have been opposed by groups in Asia.

How is the distribution of Judaism very different from other ethnic religions?

It diffuses through relocation diffusion. Ethnic religions are highly clustered because they are closely tied to the physical geography of a particular place. The spatial distribution of Judaism differs from other ethnic religions because Judaism is practiced in many countries, not just it’s place of origin.

How are religions distributed?

– Three principal universalizing religions divided into branches, denominations, and sects. A branch is a large and fundamental division within a religion . A denomination is a division of a branch that unites a number of local congregations in a single legal and administrative body.

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