Who Do Elderly Sleep Less?

In comparison to younger individuals, older adults spend more time in the lighter stages of sleep and less time in the deeper stages of sleep. As a result of these adjustments, older persons may find themselves waking up more frequently during the night7 and experiencing more fragmented, less restful sleep.

Do older people need less sleep?

While this is not the case, they may require a different type of sleep. When it comes to sleep myths, this one is adamant about not falling asleep — or staying asleep. People over the age of 65 do not require less sleep than the typical person, contrary to common belief.

Why is sleep research important for older people?

The research becomes essential not just in the broader framework of understanding how sleep works, but also in the specific context of developing strategies to enhance sleep in older individuals.Although it may appear ″normal″ for elderly individuals to sleep less, many of them suffer from insomnia as well as disturbed and poor-quality sleep.Many people wake up in the morning not feeling rested and rejuvenated, yet they are unable to sleep any longer.

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