Which Of The Following Is A Feature Of Vitamin D Nutrition In The Elderly?

Which of the following is a characteristic of vitamin D supplementation in the older population? The majority of the elderly obtain vitamin D levels that are close to the RDA. The ability of the kidneys to convert vitamin D into its active form diminishes with age. Because of decreased excretion by the kidneys, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for vitamin D in the elderly is reduced.

Which of the following statements describes an aspect of mineral nutrition of older adults?

In what way does one of the following statements explain one aspect of mineral nutrition in older people?Because of the decreased stomach acidity, iron absorption is limited.When it comes to aging and the immune system, which of these characteristics is more prevalent?

  1. What is the approximate proportion of individuals in the United States who are afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease beyond the age of 65?

What is a feature of zinc nutrition in the elderly quizlet?

Which of the following is a characteristic of zinc supplementation in the older population? In elderly adults, the amount of zinc they consume is inadequate.

Which of the following foods in particular must be restricted in the diet of a person taking a monoamine oxidase?

High-tyramine foods should be avoided since they have the potential to cause a hypertensive crisis in the presence of MAOIs. The following are examples of such foods: Cheese that has been aged. Chicken or cow liver that has been aged.

What would be the most effective substitute for fresh milk for the elderly person living alone?

Dairy products and substitutes Choose low-fat dairy products such as semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, cottage cheese, Edam cheese, and half-fat cheddars instead of full-fat kinds. Milk in sauces and milk puddings are excellent ways to ensure that you receive adequate calcium in your diet. Semi-skimmed and skimmed milk both have the same amount of calcium as whole milk.

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Which of the following nutrients is a prenatal supplement?

Prenatal vitamins that contain calcium as well as vitamin D are preferable over those that do not contain folic acid or iron. They aid in the development of a baby’s teeth and bones by stimulating the production of saliva. It may also be good to seek for a prenatal vitamin that has vitamins C, A, E, B vitamins, zinc, and iodine, as well as other essential nutrients.

What is a congregate meal quizlet?

What is a congregate meal, and how does it work? The provision of a meal for the elderly in a public setting such as a community center

Which nutrient do older adults have an increased requirement for?

Adults over the age of 70 require greater amounts of calcium and vitamin D to help maintain bone health than they did when they were younger. To satisfy these requirements, choose calcium-rich foods and beverages, and aim for three servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy products each day to get the recommended daily allowance.

Which food could be included in a Blenderized liquid diet quizlet?

Make adjustments in terms of calories, protein, fat, and other nutrients in order to meet the dietary demands of the customer. Diet consisting primarily of liquid (pureed) (4-6): Additions of calories and nutritional value can be obtained by substituting liquids such as broth, milk, gravy, cream, soup, tomato sauce, or fruit juice for water in dishes.

Which of the following foods would be restricted or prohibited for patients taking MAOIs?

Calculate and modify nutritional values for clients depending on their caloric, protein, fat, and other nutrient requirements. Diet consisting primarily of pureed fluids (blenderized): Additions of calories and nutritional value can be achieved by substituting liquids such as broth, milk, gravy, cream, soup, tomato sauce, or fruit juice for water in dishes.

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Which of the following foods are most often the cause of anaphylactic shock?

Food allergies, such as those to peanuts and tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat, soy, sesame, and milk, are the most frequent anaphylactic triggers in children, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Which foods should be avoided by a client taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors MAOIs )? Select all that apply one some or all responses may be correct?

If you have high blood pressure, you should avoid meals that contain a lot of tyramine, an amino acid that helps to regulate it. Examples of such foods include aged cheeses, cured meats, draft beer, and fermented soy products (for example, soy sauce, miso and tofu). The combination of tyramine with MAOIs has been shown to result in dangerously high levels of blood pressure.

What is the best milk for seniors in Philippines?

Ensure. Ensure, one of the most popular milk brands for the elderly, has been specially created to provide all of the essential elements for a nutritionally balanced health drink, including calcium and vitamin D. It is abundant in high-quality proteins, carbs, and necessary fats, all of which contribute to the provision of strength and energy.

What is the best milk for seniors?

Low- or nonfat milk is the finest source of vitamin D since it contains the vitamin as well as other essential minerals. Lactose-free variants are now available for folks who have difficulty digesting dairy products. One glass contains 300 milligrams of caffeine.

Is milk good for old age?

Drinking milk at any age, whether you are seven or seventy-seven, is beneficial to your health. In addition to being a rich source of protein and calcium, milk is also a good source of vitamin D and calcium, which older persons tend to require more of in order to maintain bone structure, preserve muscular strength, and avoid osteoporosis.

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