When Should You Put Your Elderly Dog Down?

If your total score is more than 35, then the overall quality of life for your dog is satisfactory. If, on the other hand, your score is less than 35, you should seriously contemplate euthanasia. Keep in mind that you should always discuss your options with your veterinarian to ensure that you are making the best decision for your pet, no matter what the quality of life scale indicates.

Is it OK to put a dog down?

You make certain that your pet is protected at all times of the day and night. Taking care of your pet in a new method may be no less caring or compassionate, but it is necessary now. In fact, euthanizing a pet may be more caring and loving than doing other kind of caregiving. It’s possible that you’re rescuing your dog or cat from more agony.

Do you have any regrets about putting your dog down?