Quick Answer: Where Is The Greatest Proportion Of Elderly People Found?

Top 50 Countries With the Largest Percentage of Older Adults

Rank Country % 65+ (of total population)
1 China 11.9
2 India 6.1
3 United States 16
4 Japan 28.2


Which region has the largest proportion of older people?

About one in three older persons is living in Eastern and South-Eastern Asia today and in 2050. Eastern and South-Eastern Asia are home to the largest share (37 per cent) of the world’s older population in 2019 and this is expected to remain so in 2050 (figure 1).

Where do the most elderly people live?

One Quarter of Older Americans Live in California, Florida, and Texas. About 52 million Americans are age 65 or older, according to the Census Bureau’s 2018 population estimates. One quarter of these older Americans live in one of three states: California, Florida, and Texas.

Which country has the most old people per capita?

Japan is home to the oldest citizenry in the world, with 27% of its population being 65 years of age or older. In the year 2014, the percentage was about 25.8%, which shows that the number is steadily rising each year. It is predicted that nearly a third of the Japanese people (32.2%) will be senior citizens by 2030.

Which country has the oldest population?

Japan has the oldest population in the world. Some details: Population 65 and older in 2019: 35,356,768. Percentage of population 65 and older in 2019: 28.0%

Which province has the most seniors?

Geography. Canada’s senior population is distributed unevenly across the provinces, with the highest concentration in the Atlantic provinces. Nova Scotia has the highest proportion of seniors, at 16.6% of its population, followed by New Brunswick (16.5%) and Prince Edward Island (16.3%).

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Which Canadian city has the most seniors?

Ottawa was 15.4. Peterborough had the highest percentage of seniors in Ontario with 22.2 per cent and Trois Riviers was highest in Canada with 22.3 per cent.

Which state has the highest elderly population in India?

State-wise data According to the report, Kerala currently has the highest elderly population (16.5 per cent), followed by Tamil Nadu (13.6 per cent), Himachal Pradesh (13.1 per cent), Punjab (12.6 per cent) and Andhra Pradesh (12.4 per cent) in 2021.

Which city has an older population?

Scottsdale has the oldest citizens of any U.S. city with a population of 100,000 or more. The city’s median age, 45.4, is eight years higher than the national median age. Learn more about Scottsdale.

Which European country has the most elderly population?

In 2019, Italy was the European country with the largest share of elderly population. More specifically, 22.8 percent of the total population was aged 65 years and older. Moreover, Greece and Portugal followed in the ranking.

What country has the most people over 80 years old?

China is the top country by population aged 80+ years in the world. As of 2020, population aged 80+ years in China was 26,618.1 thousand persons that accounts for 18.33% of the world’s population aged 80+ years.

Why does Japan have such a high elderly population?

The aging of the Japanese population is a result of one of the world’s lowest fertility rates combined with the highest life expectancy.

Which of the following countries has the most rapidly aging population in the history of the world?

Japan was the world’s most aged population in 2017 (33 per cent aged 60 or over) and it is projected to remain so through 2050 (42 per cent aged 60 or over).

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What is the oldest nationality in the world?

An unprecedented DNA study has found evidence of a single human migration out of Africa and confirmed that Aboriginal Australians are the world’s oldest civilization.

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