Quick Answer: South Park The Fractured But Whole How To Defeat Elderly?

Focus on getting two of your characters into the zone while attacking the elderly from behind with the other two. Be sure to stay on the offensive, always moving forward when possible. Achieve victory to receive the Seal of Freedom artifact and the Elder Maw Recipe.

How do you beat Cartman’s fractured but whole?

You’ll have to fight him with his two employees – with only Cartman on your side. Instead of fighting Towelie, you only need to calm him down! Towelie starts the fight by lighting Cartman on fire. Don’t skip that turn, just let him get knocked back into the pile of weed.

How do you beat Mitch and Coon?

During the fight, be aware of the “Steal Turn” timer at the bottom of the screen. Once it runs out, Mitch will take your turn and use it for himself. Defeat him to receive the Heavy Hand of Deception Artifact and the Spire of Domination recipe. After the fight, return to the Freedom Pals HQ.

Who is the antagonist of South Park the fractured but whole?

Mitch Conner is the main antagonist in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. He is a split personality/hand puppet of Eric Cartman, who “possesses” The Coon in order to carry out his nefarious plans.

Can Cartman control Mitch Conner?

Cartman’s ventriloquist act of Mitch Conner/Jennifer Lopez returned in the season 14 episodes “200” and “201”. It also returned in the video game South Park: The Fractured but Whole, with both Cartman and later Kyle in control of Mitch Connor. It is revealed here that Cartman is, in fact, in total control of Mitch.

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What is the riddle in the South Park fractured but whole?

Over the phone, Connor will give you the following the riddle: “ I am a place where seats hang from chains, part desert, part jungle, where happiness reigns. ” Other than this, you will not receive any kind of hint as to how to solve the Happiness Reigns riddle and will have to figure everything out yourself.

What is Mitch Connors riddle?

After taking the selfie, Mitch Conner will proceed to give The New Kid another riddle on where to go next. The riddle: I am a place where seats hang from chains, part desert, part jungle, where happiness reigns.

How do you beat Shub Niggurath?

To kill Shub-Niggurath, the player must kill a large number of Shamblers and Vores, notable as the most powerful enemies in the game, to reach the far end of the room via a path that goes around her.

How do you get 5000 in fractured but whole?

The fastest and easiest way to earn $5,000 is to use the infinite money glitch. Simply go to any vendor and sell all of your junk components. These include Food, Scrap, Tech, Biohazard and Meds.

How do you stop ninjas in South Park?

The New Kid can go to City Wok anytime and find their leader Tuong Lu Kim, and altough he wants to kill them, he will still let them shop at his restaurant. Also, he will give the New Kid an option to pay him $5000 for a contract, which after being bought will stop all the ninjas to stop appearing on South Park and Mr.

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