Question: What Do You Think Is The Role Of The Medical Assistant In Caring For The Elderly Patient?

The medical assistant, or MA, takes the elderly patient’s history and vital signs and then creates a report for the physician. An MA assists patients with ambulation during the examination and follows the physician’s orders when administering medication or performing others tasks.

What is the role of a medical assistant?

Medical assistants perform routine administrative and clinical tasks under the direct supervision of a licensed health care provider. Physician assistants examine, diagnose, and treat patients under the supervision of a physician.

What is the most important role of a medical assistant?

One of your most important tasks as a medical assistant is keeping patient medical records current. You may also be responsible for filing patient medical records, and adding written accounts from physicians or nurses based on exams and any lab tests.

What is the primary role of a medical assistant in healthcare?

A medical assistant helps out with a variety of tasks that keep the medical facility running smoothly. They help patients, both directly and indirectly, with simple patient care activities and administrative tasks. Medical assistants often help put patients at ease.

How can the medical assistant make an older patient feel comfortable?

Speak slowly and use short, simple sentences. Older people tend to speak and process verbal information more slowly than their younger counterparts. When speaking, articulate clearly, speak at an enhanced volume (but don’t shout), and use short, simple sentences when possible.

What is the role of the medical assistant in the activity you just completed?

Medical assistants help physicians before, during and after an examination by ensuring that exam rooms are clean and stocked with instruments and supplies, positioning a patient for examination, documenting vital signs and scheduling follow-up appointments or lab services, among other duties.

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What is the most important role of the medical assistant in the clinical setting and why what other duties may you have in an office or clinical setting?

One of your most important tasks as a medical assistant is keeping patient medical records current. You may also be responsible for filing patient medical records and adding written notes from physicians or nurses based on exams and any lab tests.

What role would a medical assistant play in assisting with diagnostic procedures and patient education?

Medical Assistants are responsible for performing basic diagnostic procedures. This can include tasks such as measuring blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and height & weight measurements.

How should a medical assistant communicate with an elderly patient?

Encouraging the patient to ask questions. A medical assistant should communicate with an elderly patient by Speaking loudly to an elderly patient assumes that he or she is hard of hearing and stereotypes the patient as frail. You just studied 25 terms!

How can we help elderly patients?

Elderly and hearing loss

  1. Get their attention. Put your hand gently on their shoulder, or speak their name to get their attention, before you give important information.
  2. Reduce background noise. Turn off the music or television.
  3. Speak clearly.
  4. Speak loudly.
  5. Repeat yourself.
  6. Have good lighting.

Why does the medical assistant know how do you assess a pediatric or geriatric patient environment?

Medical assistants need to be aware of subtle behaviors that indicate they need to dig further when investigating symptoms. Just because the elderly need assistance doesn’t mean they forfeit their right to self-determination. It’s easy to approach geriatric patients as if they’re children, but they’re not.

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