How To Contact Delta Airlines For Elderly Assistance?

As a client, you and other Delta staff must be able to take action in response to the medical certificate’s conditions. If you have a communicable ailment or infection, call our accessibility support line at 404-209-3434 to find out if you are allowed to travel. If you require the assistance of a companion or personal care aid, you can purchase a ticket for them as well.

How to contact Delta Air Lines customer service?

We are interested in hearing from you. If you have any comments or recommendations about how we may better serve you, please contact us at 800-221-1212, send us an email at [email protected], or write to Delta Air Lines, P.O. Box 20980, Atlanta, Georgia 30320-2980, at the address below. Is the information you were searching for on this page what you were looking for?

How can I get assistance with Delta’s accessibility services?

It is our top aim to provide the finest service possible while also ensuring that all Delta clients can utilize our services. Our gate agents and attendants will be on hand to help you before boarding, during the flight, upon arrival at your destination, and at any point in between. Please go to My Trips and let us know if you require assistance with any of the following:

How do I talk to a live person at Delta?

Dial the phone number 800-221-1212 to talk with a Delta Airlines agent about a current or upcoming reservation with the airline. Members of the Medallion® program should contact us using the fly delta app on their phone’s contact us feature. Delta Live Person Customer Service Provides the Following Services: A traveler may travel in comfort with Delta Airlines if they chose to do so.

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How do I request a wheelchair on a Delta Flight?

If you require the use of an airport wheelchair from the minute you arrive, we provide wheelchair attendants who will accompany you through the terminal, through security, and to your gate location. After you have booked your ticket, you can request this wheelchair service through My Trips, or you can call a Delta agent at 404-209-3434 for further information.

How do I get help on Delta?

Contact us at 800-221-1212 if you have any questions about a new or existing reservation. If you are a Medallion® Member, look in the Contact Us area of the Fly Delta mobile app for the phone number for which you have a dedicated line. For members of the SkyMiles program, please have your SkyMiles account number accessible to speed the process.

How do I book assistance at the airport?

Your travel service provider may need you to contact them directly or through an agent, or to complete an online form. The majority of airlines have a toll-free or low-cost local rate phone number that you may contact to advise them of your need for help. Some airlines also provide a complimentary call-back service.

Who can get special assistance at airport?

Passengers who require special support when traveling, such as the elderly, those with a physical impairment, such as wheelchair users, and those who have problems with social contact and communication, such as those suffering from autism or dementia, can take use of this service.

How do I talk to a live person at Delta?

Delta Airline may be reached at 1 (802) 801-1212 (OTA No.) or 1 (800) 221-1212 if you need to speak with a live person. Choose option 5 from the first menu, option 1 from the second menu, and option 6 from the third menu. Following that, you will be connected to a live customer service person from the Delta Airlines.

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Do airlines provide assistance for elderly?

Detailed Information on Air Travel Assistance for Seniors If your elderly parent will be traveling alone, look into senior air travel and airport help options for them. In accordance with the Air Carrier Access Act, airlines are required to provide assistance for boarding and deplaning. When required, the airline must also assist passengers in connecting to other flights.

Can someone help me with my bags at the airport?

In addition, special support is offered after the trip – an airport staff can assist you in getting off the plane and assisting you with the luggage collection process and security processes. Some airports and airlines provide specific accommodations for individuals with impairments as part of their service offerings.

Do airlines charge for wheelchair assistance?

Airlines are expected to make one available to you, at no charge, in person at the airport or over the phone during the hours that they are in operation during when they are in operation.

What is travel assistance in flight?

Travel assistance is a service that provides assistance in the event of an emergency while traveling. Travel insurance offers monetary compensation for damages that occur while on vacation or business travel abroad.

What is fog helpline?

If you have any refund-related questions (travel agents or consumers), you may send an email to [email protected] with your PNR number attached. Call Center (also known as call center services). Contact our call center at +91 22 6868 6000 if you have any questions about your flight or about our services.

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How do disabled passengers get on a plane?

It is a tiny wheelchair that is used to move immobile persons from their own wheelchair to a seat on an airliner (also known as a straight back or high back). Seats in the aisle are utilized throughout the boarding and disembarking process, and they may also be used to go to the restroom during the flight.

Is there any discount for handicapped in flights?

People with impairments are eligible for a 50 percent reduction on the base cost in Economy class. There are no refunds available for taxes and other fees.

How do wheelchair users go to the toilet on a plane?

If you need to use the restroom, press the call button on your headset and request assistance to the restroom from the flight attendant. You can be assisted from your seat to an aisle chair, and flight attendants will push you to the wheelchair-accessible restroom aboard.

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