How Do I Get Paid To Care For My Elderly Mother?

Paid Family Leave (PFL) is a sort of program that allows working persons to take time off from their professions (or to take non-consecutive days off) in order to care for a family member who has been ill or injured. It is not only possible to care for elderly parents under the provisions of paid family leave regulations; it is also possible to care for children or spouses.

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How Many Elderly Women Live Alone In The Usa?

In the United States, approximately 28 percent (14.7 million) of community-dwelling older persons live alone, with older males accounting for 21 percent and older women accounting for 34 percent. The proportion of persons who live alone grows with age (for example, among women under the age of 75, almost 44 percent live alone). How many […]

Why Do Elderly People’S Head Shake?

It is believed that diseases affecting this area of the brain are responsible for cerebellar tremors, which are one of the reasons why elderly individuals shake their heads. The most prevalent causes of multiple sclerosis include traumatic brain injury, stroke, and multiple sclerosis. Alcoholism, congenital degenerative illnesses, and excessive use of certain medicines are among […]