Word on fire catholic ministries

How much does word on fire Engage cost?

Instead of waiting for them to seek out content, you bring the content and discussion to them. After your 30-Day FREE Trial, the special introductory price for Word on Fire ENGAGE is $197 /month or $1,970 /year (get two months free when you pay annually!)

What translation is the word on fire Bible?

the New Revised Standard Version: Catholic Edition

What is the word on fire institute?

Word on Fire is a Catholic media organization that uses digital and traditional media to introduce Catholicism to the broader world, founded by Bishop Robert Barron.

Is Bishop Robert Barron Catholic?

Robert Emmet Barron (born November 19, 1959) is an American prelate of the Catholic Church serving as auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

What is an auxiliary bishop in the Catholic Church?

An auxiliary bishop is a bishop assigned to assist the diocesan bishop in meeting the pastoral and administrative needs of the diocese. In the Catholic Church , auxiliary bishops exist in both the Latin Church and in the Eastern Catholic Churches .

How old is Bishop Barron?

60 years (November 19, 1959)

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